Why do we experience more hair fall in winter?

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Take Care Of Hair During Winter

Why Does Hair Fall Increase During Winter?

Winter causes more hair loss because the air is dry, there is less wetness in the air, and blood flow is slower.

How Does Cold Weather Worsen Hair Fall?

The dryness and dehydration of hair strands and the lack of nutrients getting to the hair cells are both made worse by cold weather.

Does Wearing Hats In Winter Cause Hair Fall?

Hats in the winter don’t directly cause hair loss, but if they are tight or dirty, they can damage hair strands and break them.

Can Hot Showers In Winter Contribute To Hair Fall?

Taking hot showers in the winter can make hair fall out because they remove the natural oils from the head, which makes the hair dry and weak.

What Are Some Remedies To Prevent Hair Fall In Winter?

To stop hair loss in the winter, keep the scalp moist, avoid taking hot baths, use hair products that keep hair moist, and eat a healthy, vitamin- and mineral-rich diet.

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